Animal Communication

Animal communication is a method of communicating telepathically with animals. It offers us the possibility to dive into the animal’s world of thoughts and feelings in order to understand it better.


Do you have a specific question for your animal or is it physically or mentally ill, or does it show behavioral problems, such as: aggression problems, emotional stress in various situations, anxiety, …?

Then animal communication in connection with animal healing can help to understand what the issue or reason behind the illness or behavior is and to release blockages in order to bring the animal’s energy flow back into balance.

In the course of its life, the animal makes its own experiences that shape it. Nevertheless, it has a certain purpose with its owner: You may have mentioned that you did not choose your animal, but that it chose you, or rather it came to you quite unexpectedly. Our animals accompany us to show us what is not in balance within ourselves. They are the mirror of our soul and their words and messages can give us deep insights about ourselves and thus bring us healing.

Indigenous peoples were already convinced that everything is animate. It is the same with our animals. The soul is an energy field with which one can connect in order to release blockages. I use different techniques (body scan, releasing and activating chakras, aura clearing, ancestral healing, rituals, releasing karmic entanglements and beliefs, working with the power animal, …) to harmonise the animal’s energy, stimulate its self-healing powers and increase its well-being. If the energy can flow freely again, the body and organs also respond better to medicinal treatment. As a qualified alternative animal health practitioner, I can also support the animal physically and psychologically through: nutritional counselling, Bach flower testing, myco- and phytotherapeutic nutritional supplements.

All my communications and healing sessions take place via remote treatment. For this I need a photo, the name, the age of the animal and any questions you have for it. I will send you the results by voice message via WhatsApp, so you can always refer back to them.

On request I can also communicate with a deceased animal.

Animal communication and animal healing in no way replace the examination, diagnosis and treatment by a veterinarian.